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ECO CHIC Podcast

My name is Laura Diez, and I host ECO CHIC, a podcast about climate change and sustainability for the modern woman. 
I thought of myself as an environmentalist growing up. I get fired up learning about natural resources, animals, and evolution. However, it was not until graduate school that I really, truly began to understand the massive impact humans have on the planet. I earned my M.S. in Climate Science and Solutions. In my formal classroom setting, I learned about climate change from so many different angles: "hard" science, but also economics, policy, greenhouse gas accounting... it's amazing how nothing in our society really operates outside of climate change! 
During my first couple of months in graduate school, I began to reevaluate my lifestyle. I previous thought I was eco-friendly, bringing my own bags to the grocery store and recycling. My apartment complex at the time did not recycle, and I had this overwhelming guilt that everything I was throwing away was landfill-bound. I discovered the zero waste movement online, and read as many blog posts about package-free shopping and composting as I could. The zero waste community, though, felt a little exclusive. I was intimidated photos online of people posing with mason jars that held five years worth of their trash. I felt like the other group of low waste advocates were scientists using formal, scary language about our climate crisis. Where were the people like me? 
ECO CHIC was soon born for the women like myself: we're educated, we're sharp, we want to do more than recycle. We're also travelers, clean beauty enthusiasts, creatives, part-time vegans... ECO CHIC encourages you to pick up eco-conscious habits, while continuing your current lifestyle more mindfully.
Below are some episodes to get you started! Links here are to Apple Podcasts, but you can find ECO CHIC on Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever else you listen to podcasts.